What made us different?

  1. Sugar? Yes please! Lay Bare’s cold wax jelly is 100% natural with ingredients that are gentle to your skin. Put together sugar, honey, and calamansi and you have a natural concoction ready to do wonders.

  2. Less pain, more gain. You can rest easy knowing your skin is in good hands. The patch wax technique is used to avoid skin trauma and pesky cuts and burns caused by shaving and hot waxes.

  3. Easy on the skin, easy on the pocket. The best hair removal experience should be available to anyone at anytime. Services at Lay Bare are not only affordable but available to the simplest of clients.

  4. We’re on a first-name basis. At the end of the day, Lay Bare puts the client first with their safety and makes sure they achieve all the benefits of their waxing wonders.

  5. Carryover the wonders at home. Lay Bare continues to wow us with their available products that amplify their services further. Our favorites? The Lay Bare Ultimate Lightening Gel that lightens dark areas, maximizing the whitening effect of cold waxing.

  6. Lay back and Lay Bare. Regular waxing tends to be traumatizing and painful! Cold waxing at Lay Bare is all about rest and relaxation with its Zen interior to invoke maximum calmness for its clients.

  7. There’s more to Lay Bare than just waxing. Aside from giving spectacular waxing jobs, Lay Bare actually opened a new career opportunity for women in the beauty business. Lay Bare Waxing Salon caters to so many clients and friends that expansion meant more opportunities for people as well.

  8. They are all about the perks. The people behind Lay Bare wanted to give its loyal customers the treatment they deserve, not only through waxing but through their Premier Loyalty and Frequency Card. You will definitely get your money’s worth through their services and also with their unbelievable prices.

  9. Try one, try all! Not sure what service to try? No sweat! Lay Bare Salon offers a series of packages that eases you in the culture of waxing, and it’s down right affordable to boot!

  10. Lay Bare is everywhere. With over 80 branches nationwide, waxing is more conveniently accessible no matter where you are. Can’t visit our branches? No problem. Visit their website at www.lay-bare.com or hit them up at their hotline at 0917-LAY BARE.

Source: http://megastyle.ph/wax-on-wax-off-10-times-lay-bare-wowed-us-with-their-waxing-wonders/