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This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions

How to apply for Premier Loyalty Card.

1. On the left menu click User Tools then click and select PLC Application.

2. You will be redirected to PLC Application Page scroll down and look for the Premier Loyalty Card Application Form.

3. Select the Branch you want your card to be delivered.

4. Select Application Type, if you are applying for the first time you may select "New".
   For lost card, damage card or simply you want to change your card choose "Replacement".

5. Finally click the submit button.

6. You will then receive an email to the email address you registered in your profile if you have successfully submitted your application.

What is PLC?

Premier Loyalty Card

Is there a minimum requirement in availing the PLC?

One must reach Php 5,000 pesos worth of accumulated services.

How to avail of the premier loyalty card

You must accumulate at least Php5,000 worth of services before qualifying. If you're qualified, all you have to do is submit an application by going to the "Apply for a Premier Loyalty Card" found in all page of the website.

I lost my Loyalty Card. How can I get a new one? Thanks.

All you have to do is out in another request in the on-line application found in our website. The replacement has a cost of Php100.00 that you will have to pay when you pick-up your card from the branch.

Hi :) Would I be informed thru text or email if my Premier Loyalty Card is available for pick-up? Thanks!

You'll be receiving an email notice once your application has been approved or denied.

Hi, when can I get my Premiere Card? Already reached the P5k. And can I avail the discount the next time I visit even if I don't have it yet? Thank you!

Hi! You may apply online at your home branch and they could verify that you've reached 5k and they could give you the discount off the bat. For other branches however you have to have your card already. Processing takes 3-4 weeks from the time of submission.

If I am to claim my premiere loyalty card at Robinsons Metro East, would I still be able to use it on other branches to get the 10% off in all services?

Yes your Premier Card will be honored at any Lay Bare branch.

Are the points in sticker loyalty card also counted in the premier loyalty card?

Yes all services count towards the Premier Loyalty Card. Once you know you've hit the P5k mark, fill out an application form at your regular branch so you may be issued a card.

I've been going to Lay Bare for about a year already. But I go to different branches (both katipunan and sm marikina). Do you have a compiled list of my visits in all branches?

Yes we have a record of all your visits. Once you have accumulated P5000 worth of services, you may be able to apply for the Premier Loyalty Card that entitles you to 10% off at any Lay Bare branch. We will roll this out by May 1st. :)

Hello! Regarding your loyalty card what if I go to different branches, can you still monitor my services, if it already reached your 5k requirement?

Yes, we have a database that tracks your services. You may check with the branch you visit the most to see if you've hit the mark already and they could issue you a Premier Loyalty Card that you may present at any branch to get the 10% off.

How to Book an Appointment.

1. On the left menu click Appointments Button.

2. You will be redirected to Appointment page look for the Appointment Booking Form.

3. Fill up the form by completing the details below;

  a) Select the Branch you want to have your appointment.

  b) Choose the date when you want to set your appointment.

  c) You may choose Technician you want to do the waxing service (Optional)

  d) Select what type of service you want to avail. After selecting service the price will automatically appear.

  e) Select what time you want to schedule your appointment. End time will be automatically populated.

  f) If you want to add another waxing service you can click the Add Service Button, Then fill up the necessary info.


Hi! Just want to ask if I need an appointment or can I just go there already w/o appointments?

Yes, walk-ins are ok but we recommend you make an appointment to avoid waiting in line.

What if I made an appointment with you but unfortunately something happened that I can't come on the scheduled date. What should I do?

No worries, you just can make a new appointment or walk-in.

Do you still have a FREE EB on client Birthday month?

You get one free eyebrow threading on your birthday month. You will be asked to present an ID to verify your birthday.

I'm planning to try waxing for the first time, do i need to take pain reliever? is there a certain dosage?

We recommend that you take Advil (or any brand you're comfy with) at least 30mins before your bikini or brazilian wax. The other services are very tolerable in terms of discomfort.

Kapag nagpa-wax po ba sa legs, magiging curly din po ba yung hair kapag tumubo tulad ng tubo ng ordinary shaver lang ang ginamit?

No, on the contrary hair will grow back finer and sparser.

If you're going to have a Bikini or Brazilian wax, yung magwawax ba samin, magsusuot ng gloves or something? I mean, I think it's kind of awkward having a stranger doing a Bikini/Brazilian wax with bare hands lang. :-s

Yes technicians will wear a glove on the hand that touches your skin. The other hand that waxes won't since it will stick to the wax. Don't worry aside from washing with soap and water she applies alcohol and/or hand sanitizer before and after performing a procedure.

Should I bring shorts so I can wear something not tight after my full leg waxing?

Yes that would be best.

Is it ok for me to avail the Under Arm Waxing? I'm 14 years old. My friends also want to try your waxing services.

For Ages 13 to 17 an informed consent is required, with own testimony that they understand the risks, Written parental consent to be submitted, but it is not vital that the parent is present.
For Ages 12 and below Parent present to accomplish the written consent form, and sign the waiver form on the minors behalf.

Hi! I'm 15 years old and I'm planning to have a full leg wax. How many days after will I able to wear jeans again? Also, should I bring shorts to wear after the treatment? How long will it take my skin to adjust since it's my first time?

Hi there! Thank you for choosing Lay Bare. It is better to avoid tight clothing at least during the first 24 hours after your waxing treatment. Your legs should be back to "normal" in 48 hours. Do come in with a parent to signify consent and you will asked to sign a waiver as well.

Facial after eyebrow threading or threading before facial?

Facial before threading.

I want to know why eyebrow threading? why not eyebrow waxing? Much less painful right? Saka may nabasa ako online about waxing, it's gonna be my first time kasi kaya i've been reading a lot of waxing details. anyways, it says that to treat redness or swell

Threading instead of waxing for eyebrows because too much tugging on the eyelids could cause them to sag prematurely :)

Hi, I'm planning to have my UA's waxed this friday but it's my third day of period in friday. would that be ok? would it darken my UA's? thanks!

You are usually more prone to bruising when you have your period so best to wait till after because bruising will lead to darkening of underarms.

Hi there. Is it okay for me to have a half leg wax though I have a period?

It is but you are more prone to getting bruised so better to wait until 2 days after it ends.

Hi! May company outing kami sa Friday and I want have my legs & UA wax. Okay lang ba kung Thursday ako magpunta? This is the only available time that I have is it advisable? or kailangan mas maaga? Thanks!

Hi! Better to get is done at least 2 days before.

Hello! I am attending a wedding Monday next week, then heading off to the beach Friday of the same week. Do you think it would be okay for me to get waxed this Thursday in preparation for both events? Won't the hair grow back by the time I hit the

No that should be perfect :)

How to View your Transaction History.

1. On the left menu click the Transaction History.

2. You will be redirected to Transaction Details. Please read the note carefully before proceeding.

3. Just click the "Click here to confirm" link to send your request for transaction viewing.

4. You will receive a verification email with the link that you are requesting to view your transaction.

5. Open the email then click the verification link sent to you by Lay Bare.

6. You will be redirected to a page telling you that you have successfuly verified your request for viewing your Transaction History.


How can I view my previous transactions from different branches? Will my transactions from different branches accumulate to be qualified for a premier loyalty card?

You can do this by following the instructions on the user guide found in the website by clicking the Lay bare On-line.

Hi, i would like to ask why I cannot view my previous transactions in my Lay bare page?

The branch record created didn't contain your email address which is the identifier that links branch transactions to your profile. You may now view your past visits by going to the View Transaction sections.

Are my previous transactions counted for the loyalty card even if I'm not yet a member of the site?

All transactions are counted towards the accumulated P5000 worth of services but the loyalty card program has its own guidelines.

how come my first transaction is not reflecting thanks

We were only online in 2010 so if it was prior to that then it won't be seen online but will still be on your client card and will count towards the 5k mark and eligibility for Premier Card status.