Lay Bare
When you see hair
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We believe that having smooth, hair-free skin is the first step toward your best self. We've elevated the experience - making it affordable, accessible and more comfortable.

Our goal? To use our expertise and innovation to make sure every guest who we service in our salons leaves confident and empowered.

Why wax?


Hair will grow back thinner and lasts a lot longe


It's better for your skin


Exfoliates skin and minimizes ingrown hair

Skin Care Made to Empower

Exfoliation Cream
Firm and light
soothing Cream
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For a booking experience as smooth as you get in our salons, download the Lay Bare app now!

What our clients say about us

Actually and bilis lang, parang below ten minutes lang. Kung masakit ba, nasaktan ako ng very very konti lang kasi ngayon lang ulit ako...

Tyra Crysostomo

It was NOT as I expected it to be, it was quite a nice experience. If you are scared and would want a pleasant experience try Lay Bare...

Teena Rose

I am here at Lay Bare... Lay Bare all the way! I am not getting paid to do this, pero super love ko lang ito. Ilang years na rin ako sa Lay Bare...

Say Tioco Artillero

All good things come to an end.