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Lay Bare On-line

Waiting for hours just for a waxing session? No need to wait! You can now book for an appointment and avoid all the hassles! Be sure to register online first at to be able to book for an appointment, or if you don't feel like logging in, you may text us at 0917-Lay Bare (529-22-83). It's that easy!

NOTE: Please check out your preferred branch's appointment schedule to ensure that they may accommodate your schedule.

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LB Products

Do you feel the need to enhance your skin after every waxing sesh? We have just the perfect match for you! Try our reformulated Lay Bare Soothing & Exfoliating Creams that will surely smoothen and exfoliate those dead skin cells, leaving your skin with nothing but a radiant glow.

Having troubles wearing those sexy outfits? You need not to worry anymore! Use our latest underarm & bikini Ultimate Lightening Gel and say goodbye to your dark problems!


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Lay Bare Fresh and White Deo

Try our new Lay Bare Fresh and White Deo for only PhP 180! Help fight the smell of bad odor while keeping your underarm white and well-moisturized!

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